Learning Objects



Learning Objects

At the end of  this unit lesson you will be able to



What are Learning Objects (LO)?

 Learning objects refer to any packet of information that can be independently drawn into an assembly in order to create an instructional event.



Take time to go through this presentation on LOs -- Learning Object Fundamentals.ppt 


What is an RLO.pdf



Types of Learning Objects

The following taxonomy differentiates between five learning object types. Examples of these five object types are given below, followed by the taxonomy, which explicates their differences and similarities.




Wiley D.A. (2002). Connecting learning objects to instructional design theory:A definition, a metaphor, and a taxonomy. In The Instructional Use of Learning Objects, Wiley Ed. published by the Agency for Instructional Technology.


The book can be read online at http://www.reusability.org/read/


Creating Learning Objects 

 Take time to go through this power point presentation on RLO content generation tools --Content generation tools.ppt




1. Use the power point presentation indicated above to identify a software tool of your choice for this activity on LO creation. Complete the table below; which will help structure your LO. List one or more measurable learning objectives. Ideally, a single learning objective. Determine the activity that will satisfy your learning objective. Under assessment, provide a measure that can assess that the learning objective has been met. List out your keywords under metadata, you can also provide an idea of the type of content you plan to create/blend, file format(s).


Learning Objective  Learning Activity Assessment Metadata 



2. Use the software tool to create your Learning Object. Use the contents of the table to complete your LO.

3. Share your LO with workshop participants or colleagues and help them assess your LO type.